Banff Morning

Sunrise Vermilion lakes Banff national park Canadian Rockies

Please list any pertinent technical details or techniques:

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Nice light on the clouds, although this was captured at sunset rather than sunrise

Thanks Michael but this is at sunrise the sun is coming up behind the clouds.

Crystal clear water, skies, and color. I love this crispness and clarity in the image. I also like the symmetry between the triangle shape of the grass clump in lower left corner, and the mountain.

A) Sun looks like it’s coming from the west, clouds are not underlit, and sun is on the face of the mountains at the left side.
B) Checked the EXIF to make sure, it says Sept 29, 2013 at 9:12:53 PM.

Anyways that doesn’t really matter, it’s still a nice photo whenever it was taken. Banff is a magical place.

Happy Shooting,

Fine scenic image. Very well exposed, even with discernable tree reflections in the dark shadow of the mountain. To my eye, an interesting example of the dark mass on right working to balance the bright weight on the left. Thanks for taking me there.