Barn Swallow Lift Off


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Is this a composite? No

This barn swallow was on the barbed wire, then lifted. I was using the ProCapture mode on my Olympus EM1-X, 300mm f/4 with 1.4x TC handheld to get this frame.

ISO 1000

Cropped to 32% of the original frame.
Processed with DXO Pure RAW and output to a JPEG. Nothing else done to the image.

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Very cool shot and I like the barbed wire as a reference point. Excellent job on the colors, focus, exposure, and plumage detail. The DxO product did a good job with noise reduction with the large crop.

Excellent job catching the take-off, Keith. Exposure and focus are both perfect. I also like the composition. Does that camera have the feature that lets you continuously shoot without actually saving until you release the shutter, then saves the last 30 shots (or something like that)? Someone presented to our camera club who used Olympus and that sounded like a wonderful feature for bird photographers. I’m surprised it hasn’t been copied by other companies as it seems like it would just require a firmware update.

Yes. When I mentioned ProCapture, that is what Olympus calls that feature. I have mine configured to shoot at 18 frames per second. While I’m holding the shutter half way down it is buffering images and I keep the last 25 images before a full shutter press, then 35 images after the full shutter press. Perfect tool for capturing a critical moment.

Capture it you did!! Wonderful pose and look, with lovely colors! I have a small cluster of brain cells wondering about bringing up shadows a bit, but that’s a very small point.

Very nice shot, especially because of the BG colours, which make for a perfect framing for the bird ! Excellent work, Cheers, Hans