Went out this AM to shoot something and decided on using my 720 Nano IR filter on this clump of Palmettos.

Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
D850, Tokina 17-35 @30mm, f/13, 6 sec, ISO 200

Neat trick if you are using the 720 Nano filter (and it may work on a conversion IR camera, too), is to go into the Calibrations panel in ACR and push the Blue to the far right as well as push the Red to the far right, then go back to the ACR presets, B&W IR setting and push for more blacks, and lastly, go back to the Basics dialogue and give it a hard Clarity bump. I also did a slight bit of Color Grading on the mid tones and highlights in the TK8 masking table.
Final trick was to use the TK Orton Sharpening, then just a straight Orton for the “glow,” though I like a less milky glow.

Chris: Intriguing shot and thanks for the processing information. Aesthetically I find the cloud formation a bit distracting and might consider burning it down a bit or eliminating it altogether. The capture of the leaves is marvelous. >=))>

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Thanks, Bill. I tried to do that early on but there isn’t enough separation between the leaves and the cloud to make a good selection that doesn’t leave “lines.” I think I will go into the original file and do the elimination there prior to making the IR development.