Ben Loyal B&W

I think I bored people with variations on this view in the Critique section so I promise this will be the last!
Having watched John Barclay on tuesday, the recorded Webinar by Cole Thompson on wednesday and topped up with some Alistair Benn, I thought it was time to do something with this frame. The cloud and general lighting wasn’t as good as the frame in the Critique but the light on the peaks was too good not to do something with.
It was cold, windy with showers of rain passing regularly but standing there trying to talk the sky into giving just one little hole in the cloud to light the mountain is one of the joys of photography, isn’t it? :smiley:

Please list any pertinent technical details or techniques:

(If this is a composite, etc. please be honest with your techniques to help others learn)


Hi Andrew, I’m a bit late to this Ben Loyal thread. Had to go back through the critique section to see what the deal was :slight_smile:

This is a great shot. For what it’s worth I think you made the right choice processing this B&W. I think it makes the most of the light conditions, textures and shapes in the landscape. Nicely done

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Hi Eugene, aach the mention of the critique thread was more my humour at how many images ended up on it and where I probably shouldn’t have added to it, it just seemed a simple way to say I had better foregrounds without chopping up the one I posted for crit.
Communication isn’t my strongest point :roll_eyes:
Thanks for the comments. I wasn’t deliberately holding this frame back as I had it flagged for processing, it was more I’d processed 4 or 5 I preferred. I’ve used smaller areas of light but as I eluded to it was something Cole Thompson said in his webinar that made me go to look for something and as luck would have it this day was on LR when I opened it! I’m also trying to use more Luminosity and Contrast as Alistair Benn is promoting.
(I may not be able to communicate as I wish but I can waffle on for Scotland :rofl:)

Hi Andrew, I thought it may have been. My well honed ‘british’ sense of humour.

Hhahaha. I think we all do that to a ceratin extent. I started a thread with one of my images that ended up with a million iterations. Good thing you saved it as it’s pretty smart. I like what you’ve done with the edit. The shadow hightlight balance works pretty well. One coould easily have got carried away with overdoing some of the darker areas, epsecially in the foreground.

Ah, well we can all babble on for our respective countries. I do it for all of the UK most of the time :rofl:

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your careful b&w conversion is consistent with this majestic scene for me. The curves in the foreground make for a most interesting interplay with the distant mountains to my eye.


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Thanks for your comments Peter, it’s a great place to spend some time.