Between the Rocks

I took this image at one of my favorite beaches of the west coast in Portugal. I tried to make use of the two rocks with water flowing through them to create an interesting foreground, and a line leading to the focal point in the far back (the sharp rock on the horizon). Captured with 1/4 sec exposure time (f/14, 16mm, ISO200).

Please do not critique this image. Galleries are for sharing and discussion only.

Ruben, there is a lot to appreciate in this image. There are a lot of elements within this scene, but you have done a great job of putting them together very cohesively. The processing here looks perfect, I especially like what you have done with the sky. It’s amazing how much impact in the image is created by such a small element as the distant seastack.

This a very pleasing image. It is very will composed and has a peaceful feeling. It is an image that gives me the feeling that I could be standing there watching the waves come in and out. Very well done.

Hi Ed, thank you so much for your comments, they are greatly appreciated! I was pretty busy lately and therefore my late reply. I am glad to hear that the image works, I also find it special how important the small rock in the distance is for the overall impact.

Hi Richard, thank you very much for your comment! I greatly appreciate it! I was pretty busy lately, therefore my later reply. It is so much fun to photograph at this beach, every time I visit it, it seems different but it always offers many possible compositions.