Big Bend Badlands

The geology of Big Bend of volcanoes and erosion are abundant off Old Maverick Mine Road.

Pertinent technical details or techniques to help others learn:

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I like how yellow grass outlines the topography. Since you mention volcanics, are the white beds ash deposits?

Yes, it is. This area is Burro Messa and one of the 7areas of 7 volcanoes active from 32 - 45 million years ago.

I like the comp and colors. Could see maybe trimming that background edge off the top as it’s small and a bit distracting.

The colors and shapes make for a fine semi-abstract, Rick. It’s a great scene, well captured.

I love the composition and the great colours! I also agree with Tony about cropping a tiny bit off the top. That line there keeps dragging my eyes away from the scene.

Wonderful colors and textures. Fine abstract.