Big Trees, big Driftwood

Olympic National Park.

That is a mighty big fallen log! I wish there was detail in that deep shadow, though. The person gives this s great sense of scale.

Very nice, Dan. I do like the inclusion of the person for scale and you got excellent depth of field.

Dan, that thing is HUGE !! I like it a lot. I could see some more depth in the shadow, but not a deal breaker at all. The massive scale and root detail is the image IMO.


Yikes, that’s what we like to say, a BFT! The human element is key as already mentioned and I too am wishing for a tad more detail. Wonder what might be living in there… :wink:


Dan, this is an awesome root ball, looks like a kid could climb into the center and play (as well as an adult climbing on top…). We get lots of root balls in the eastern forests that I thoroughly enjoy, but they’re nowhere near this in size and shape. Very cool!