Black-crowned Night Heron with nesting material

This was in late April, several years ago – still deep in my deleting binge. This was just after sunrise when some mist was clearing and I managed to catch this one at a steep angle with some light under the wings. The sky is as shot.

Specific Feedback Requested

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Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon 1DX 2, Canon 100-400 II at 286mm, f/5, 1/4000, ISO 1600. Hand held. About 80% of full frame. Processed in LR with the TK linear profile then into PS for Topaz DeNoise. A couple of messed up feathers repaired.

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A lovely composition, Diane, and superb detail in the bird and the stick. I like the exposure on the bird as well. Very nicely done.

Hi Diane
Are you sure the Night Heron isn’t flying back to the Ark. The worm sun light, blue sky and twig, just give me the Noah’s ark feeling. Vary nice photograph.

Thanks @Dennis_Plank and @peter! What a nice thought, Peter! But I’m afraid the western drought makes that pretty unlikely.