Blue Waves

One from last week - a slight movement and the sea seems to make waves between the trees…

Shutter speed of 0,5s - hold still and then move a little bit sideways - cool white balance of 2500 Kelvin.


Oh, I love this, Ingrid. A gorgeous image that has the perfect balance between the abstract and the identifiable. Very dreamlike. The colour palette is lovely and the lighting adds a touch of mystery. I love the juxtaposition between the vertical and diagonal elements. A beautifully balanced composition that I hope you plan to print.

Thank you Kerry for the positive feedback!
Grt, Ingrid.

@Ingrid_Vekemans With this image you enter into the realm of the remarkable Valda Bailey (one of my favourite photographers). Actually I’m quite surprised this image hasn’t received more attention. It deserves it. I’ve come back to look at it many times.

A bit late , Ingrid. Your image looks great to me. I like this style. I think here on NPN they have to get use to this amazing kind of photography.