BOAR (bird on a rock)

A rather unconventional perch. The birds seem to like it. It may be too much competition for the bird?

Specific Feedback Requested

Here’s another example of where I desaturated the greens in the background before I posted and yet they still look pretty saturated to me. The TIF image looks fine but the translation to JPEG seems to increase the green saturation. Could it be my monitor. I think I’m using the correct color space.

Technical Details

ISO 800, F9, 200-600 at 600, 1000th, 50% of full frame, Sony A1

The cool patterns in the rock and the bright patch immediately in front of the bird do tend to pull my eye. You might try cropping from the left, possibly adding to the right and toning down the bright patch a tiny bit.

I am with @Dennis_Plank on this. I love the rock and its patterns, but suggest a left side crop. I like the greens as presented.

Hi David, nice selective focus on the bird. I like this composition but could also see cropping from the left. The greens are saturated but look okay to me.