Born day Spectrum

On my birthday I took my son to see Snoqualmie Falls in town and found this amazing display of colors. As many might know who have visited this beautiful waterfall, the viewing area is very small from the lower falls. For this reason, I was not able to set up my tripod so I ended up photographing it handheld.

Technical Details

Composite: No
Canon R5 w (70-200mm F4) Panorama
1/320 - 7.1 - ISO 100 - 70mm

Nothing was added but I did delete the electric wires over the waterfall in photoshop.

Wow, I’ve never seen this view, Sanzei. Welcome back, by the way. I love the composition, the rainbow (fallbow), and the shutter speed. Awesome shot.


Thanks David. I had to drive a few minutes from the touristy area to the lower falls. I got lucky with the Rainbow. But I wish I would have used a tri-pod it was so crowded that I captured this one hean-held.