Brazil Pantanal + Amazon Wildlife Photo Tour

In 2020 I will be leading a grand wildlife adventure in western Brazil that will include both the Pantanal–famous as the best place to see wild jaguars–and the southern Amazon rainforest.

I led a highly successful version of this trip in 2018 with the Pantanal as the centerpiece and the Amazon as an optional extension, but the latter was so much fun I’m incorporating it into the main tour for one longer itinerary this time.

In the Amazon we’ll be based at one of the best jungle lodges in the region, which will afford us opportunities to explore on foot and by boat. The lodge boasts two 50+ meter canopy towers, where we’ll spend a couple mornings photographing birds. Mammals are also on the agenda, as the region hosts several species of monkeys (including a couple of endangered endemics), two species of otters, tapirs and more. In 2018 we even managed to find the rare giant armadillo here. Bird-wise, there are numerous species of macaws and parrots, toucans, tanagers, owls and more.

The Pantanal makes up the main portion of the trip. This vast wetland also hosts a variety of species. There’s plenty of interesting birdlife, but also some larger mammals. Two species of anteater, crab-eating fox, tapir, ocelot, giant river otters and more roam this area. The main attraction, however, is the jaguar. We finish the trip exploring the rivers and waterways near Porto Jofre in search of jaguars. Though sightings are never guaranteed, we’ve got a very good chance of having some good sightings. It’s a great way to end the trip.

This trip is limited to six guests. There are currently 4 spots left.

See the full itinerary and learn much more about the trip here.


For those wondering, we have checked in with my local guide and the current fires in the Amazon region are not affecting the area we will be visiting on this trip.


Another update, since I can’t update the original listing:

  • As of November 11, 2019, this trip is down to 2 available spots.

  • We have added a scouting extension preceding the main trip, which will go to the Southern Pantanal. Clients are invited to join me as I scout this area for future tours. I am NOT marking up on this portion of the trip, so clients pay the base cost as presented to me by my local partner. In this case, the extension price is determined by the number of extension participants (we currently have three).