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I found a used D850 and gave it a workout at the osprey nest at a local metro park. The nest platform was built to provide these birds with a nice place to setup shop and to give birders and photographers an optimal place to observe osprey behavior. I was using ETTR and high ISO’s for capturing the action with reasonable noise. The male is bringing in a crappie while the female is calling to the other youngster. I’m pleased with the results and hope to get better with the D850.

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D850 600mm f4 (1/3200 sec at f8.0, ISO 1800) Significant crop, DeNoise, adjusted highlights and shadows in Lightroom.
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Excellent behavioral image, Jim. I’m jealous as all of our local osprey platforms are sited at the top of old utility poles. You might think about removing one or two of the out of focus green reeds-the one to the left of the tail on the male is something of a distraction for me. Congratulations on the new rig.

Looks like the new rig is performing nicely. Good detail in all the birds and a fine behavioral, in-flight shot.

Superb behavior and detail. The 850 will allow you more low light, large crops for those hard to reach subjects. I could see dropping the highlights a tad on the whites on the adult to bring out more plumage detail.

A great family portrait and a wonderful nest! You’ve got great opportunities here and with the new rig!

Thank you @David_Schoen, @terryb, @Diane_Miller, @Dennis_Plank. It is quite similar in button layout to my D500. It should help with snagging better in flight bird shots.