Bridge to Eternity

First time posting to NPN!
Captured recently in Colorado, while the moon was below the horizon and the Milky Way was very visible. I used a drone that had Lume Cube Airs attached to it and then hovered it about 200 feet in the air above the bridge. The bridge, by the way, is an old rail-road bridge that used to carry coal-fire trains from the plains to the east, to the rich gold-fields top the west. Then I suspended Lume Cubes from the bridge and let them settle in the eater. Lume Cubes are water-proof, by the way. The person the bridge is me! I used a Nikon D850 with a 14-24mm lens attached. I first had exposed for the foreground with me on the bridge using a wireless shutter release. After landing the drone and retrieving the lights from the water, I then walked back to the camera’s position, refocused for the stars, and then shot ten images of the milky way. Rotated the camera angle to point higher in the stars using a make-shift gimbal from a Really Right Stuff multi-row panoramic, and captured another 10 images. I then stacked the two sets of star images in Sequator, and then stitched these together. I then blended the Milky Way images with the foreground image. The rest of the process was just adjusting tones and using control points to what I wanted.