Broken Up

Here is another from Utah (plenty more to come). I found the cracking red rock on the white bentonite with the cracks and scattering of pebbles rather intriguing. Is it more than a rock? I am not qualified to answer that.

D850, 70-200mm

Definitely more than a rock. Love it. Guy would like it too. I just spent a week in Utah myself bouncing between Zion and other areas further north.
The colorful rock against the white bentonite is really amazing. It does kind of look like an egg that’s been broken up. You can tell it’s been there for eons what with the erosion taking place underneath it. Well seen Harley.

Harley, this one is very interesting as the red rock center piece of the scene almost seems like a human skull breaking apart out there. Excellent subject regardless of how one might interpret the fractured rock formation… :+1:

It’s a small, furry animal resting on a feather bed. Beautiful.

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Nicely seen, Harley. I like @Bonnie_Lampley’s interpretation, cute little animal snuggled in bed.

Wonderful!! I love the debris spilling out of the crack! Maybe split open by ice? The color against the white is wonderful, and I love the detail in the whites!! I might mitigate the dark squarish rock in the UR but it’s not a deal breaker for sure.

At first I thought this was a horseshoe crab on the beach. Many of them wash up, but when it’s mating season you can’t even see any sand!

Interesting shot, but a little static in composition. Maybe getting lower and using the cracks in the mud to frame and lead? Cool study.

I had the exact same reaction Kris, the shape is exactly the same as a horseshoe crab.

Harley, the crack and scattering of pebbles make me imagine that the life force is just ebbing out of this horseshoe crab (like the gulls got to it already). So from that perspective, to me this is more than just a rock.

I also find it interesting how the white background simplifies the image so much, while emphasizing the scattered pebbles at the same time.

I agree with other’s comments. I like the stark white background to offset the rock. And like others, I see geology working its magic.

This is really beautiful, Harley. Well seen for this is an exceptional rock. It is suggestive but it’s exceptional at face value. The colors in that rocks and those cracks and the shadows made by the cracks are wonderful. The contrast of all that on an essentially white background gives it a presence. I was more impressed by this when it was blown up, the large version, because the small details really make a difference. I was at first put off by the centeredness of the composition but I no longer find it to be an issue. The really dark diamond shape rock in the upper right. Should it be removed, lightened, or just left be. It stands out not only in darkness but it’s sharpness.

Just a wonderful and imaginative image that pulls you in. I like it. And yes, it looks like a crustacean.

This is nicely dramatic with the colored rock against the white bentonite, Harley. I am intrigued by the small bluish bit with its red center…