Bumble Bee working on Coreopsis

I like the bee on the flower. But I sure wish it would have landed on a different colored plant. The light purple in the background is Russian Sage. Photo is probably 15 r 20 percent of full frame.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any feedback to improve is appreciated. Should I remove the out of focus flower in the lower left corner?

Technical Details

Canon 6dmkii
Iso 400, F8, 1/200 shutter.
Canon 70-300L @ 300mm
Flash Point flash on ETTL.
Processed just a bit in photoshop and Topaz Denoise.


Brian, I also like the bee on the flower. I’m not bothered by the purple oof flowers in the BG, I think that makes the bee and the flower stand out. I think maybe, if you have more canvas on the left and bottom maybe, you could make this into more of an 8X11 1/2 rather than square, and then the oof flower at the bottom wouldn’t be just coming in at the bottom like it does now. You could even darken that short piece of flower as well as maybe even take down the clarity or sharpness on it to keep it from trying to take the attention away from the subject. It really isn’t bad as presented to me. Nice details in the bee, and I love the curve of the flower he is on.

Wonderful sharpness and DOF on the bee – not at all easy! Good point by @Shirley_Freeman about a bit more canvas on the bottom and left if you have it. Otherwise a tighter crop and removal of that OOF flower could give a good alternate composition. I love the gentle curve of the stem of the main flower, showing the bee’s weight.

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Here is another photo with a bit more real estate. How can this be improved?