Canal reflections

Fall colors reflected in the rippled waters of the C&O canal. (7D2, 100-400 @ 278, 1/30 s, f/8, iso 800, tripod)


Nice one, Mark. Very painterly.

Yes, beautiful reflection, colors and definitely a painterly watercolor feel going on here, Mark. Also like the soft gentle movement you’ve captured. Very peaceful.

The blending of the various colours at the top creates a mellow relaxing mood but still adds some energy to the image. I would try bringing down the highlights and/or warming them in the lower half of the image. Nicely composed.

Mark, I really like this shot, it does look painterly, as @David_Bostock said. Very nice abstract.

Mark, wonderful colors in your image. Looks very painterly. One idea for a crop is to focus in on the center section.


What a lovely kaleidoscope of colors and patterns. Yes, looks like it could be a painting too. In fact, and I’ll apologize for the reference up front… but looks like this could be a close-up section of a Thomas Kincaid painting… (sorry, but I’m so art-illiterate that I only know a few household names…) but anyway, the variety of colors and the soft patterns do remind me of those paintings.

Only suggestion I have - and this is simply a matter of personal taste and experimentation, but wondering what might happen by dropping the magenta (my least favorite of the colors…) Then again, why reduce the variety of color already presented?


Nice painterly image. I also wonder what might happen by dropping the magenta.