Cannot See Editors Picks or Newer Topics List in Right Column

The image is of the Community page, screenshot today 8/31.

I am using the latest version of MS Edge. I have also logged out and then logged back in. No change.

Is anyone else seeing this?

Thanks for any help/explanation.

Sorry I should have announced that I was removing the latest column from the categories page. I didn’t feel it was adding any value since it didn’t display thumbnails. The same information is available by going to the latest tab except you have thumbnails. I didn’t think anyone would miss it because it’s redundant and this cleans up the categories page.

I’m not sure why the editors pick pick is missing, I’ll look into that. Edit: it is showing for me, you may need to refresh your page.

Thanks, David.

I liked how the ‘latest’ post listing filled that space. I also liked that I could click on any post in that list without having to navigate to the “Latest” page.

Also, I am on a slow DSL connection, so the “Latest” page and the Critique Gallery pages take forever to load for me.

If the consensus is to leave the Community page the way it is now, I can live with that.

As far as the Ed’s pick thumbnails not loading, it could also be my slow connection. I’ll keep an eye on it.

Sorry I haven’t been around much of late–just stuff going on, and smoke-filled skies.

Just FYI: I can’t see the Editor’s Picks, either and haven’t been able to for some time.

My NPN “home page” is categories. I cannot see the Editor’s Picks either and I very frequently used the Latest Posts that used to me there. I would vote for bringing back, if there is a vote.

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Fair enough, I’ve brought it back! I was under the impression nobody was using it anymore, should have checked first!

The editors picks should be showing up, there was a glitch this morning that messed this up along with other things. Try a hard refresh by Shift clicking on the reload button. If that doesn’t work you may need to clear your browsers cache.

Regarding the Editors Picks, are any of using one of the ‘Clean’ themes? I did remove it from these themes to create a cleaner interface, do you think that should be included in the clean themes?

Yes, I use the Dark Clean Theme. I am currently on my iPad and I still see the Editors Picks so not sure where they were removed from, but I see them. I definitely want to be able to see them without switching to another theme. Thx.

I take that back, it should be displaying on the clean theme as well. Just to be clear, we are all talking about this, correct?

For those of you having trouble, could you try a different browser to see if you get the same results?

When I use the Dark Clean theme it seems to work okay. But the “Unanswered” column goes away.

David, thanks for brining back the content in the right column!

I agree with @terryb. I can see the Ed’s Picks, but the Unanswered button is no longer visible. I am also using the Dark-Clean theme.

I’ve brought back the unanswered button, please try refreshing.

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Done! I see it now. Thanks, sir!

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