Can't access recorded webinars or upload pictures

I was unable to see the Stewart Wood macro video when it was on but when I tried to watch the recording of it or any other webinar all that comes up is a page saying “You have reached a members only area! Become a member of the NPN community today” along with some membership options or to login. Also when trying to upload pictures for critique I get a similar message "If you are reading this message, it could be because you are not currently logged in to our website, or you may be a free member who needs to upgrade to a full membership etc. Other features such as Articles and Archive I can access. I do have a full membership since May 31 2023 (Invoice 39897A59) and I was logged in but my membership does not seem to be recognized. Could you please correct this so I am able to access all the features that I should be able to as a full member.

Hi Martin,
Just tagging the site owner @David_Kingham so he sees your message.


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Hi Martin,

I looked into this, and the reason you can’t access these areas is because you signed up for the Nature Vision Magazine subscription only. If you would like to have access to both the magazine and NPN you can head over to this link and pick “NPN Membership & Nature Vision Magazine - Yearly.” Don’t worry; you’ll only be charged a prorated amount based on where you currently stand with your subscription.

Please let me know if you have any questions.