Canyon Music

Recently I have been interested in the parallels between music and art. Most of such analogies deal with its relationship to abstract art. However, I felt that this composition had a musical quality to it and decided to post it as something that has a lyrical quality to it.

I’m interested to see if others see this similarity. If others can make this leap.

I was fortunate enough to encounter a snowstorm during my trip. The snow stayed fresh for only the day after it snowed and not beyond that. This was near Bryce.

GFX50R, 45-100, f/11

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Interesting thought – it does feel musical. Did you have a pairing in mind? I’m thinking a light but lively piano piece – maybe just a few bars with lovely descending notes. Unfortunately my musical lexicon is too limited to come up with a good selection. (I’m going to try to be more musical in some future life…)

Yes, it’s not a single note but a sequence. I was thinking of an arpeggio but the image is less structured than that.