Cascade Falls

Cascade Falls

Located near Yosemite National Park off the side of the road and almost hiding from the public. Shot with Canon 5D Mark IV, 70-200mm 2.8 “L” lens. Setting; 1/125 sec, f/6.3, ISO 400.

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I’m familiar with Cascade falls and look forward to your rendition.


Thanks. This is a work in progress. Dan

This is very nice, Daniel. Considering the fact that the view of the cascades is obscured, your square crop works quite well, and the surrounding trees frame the scene so nicely. Well done.


This is a fantastic capture of these falls. I’m quite familiar and in fact not to long ago posted a b&w of these very falls. I was there in May. Vantage points for these falls are quite limited as you know. When I first saw this I immediately thought, DANG-IT, I never thought to embrace all the surrounding trees. I did everything I could to avoid them - including Content Aware cloning them! So kudos to you for framing these falls beautifully! Just excellent!


  • hope you’re getting a little more used to the site. Glad you’re able to add the photo back in.

Thanks for your post. I came close to not stopping, must the mist around the falls as well as the details of the water cascading over the rocks got me interested. I’m glad I stopped, but it is a small confined shooting area and small parking space as well.
I’m getting better, but there are certain steps of posting that I need to get acquainted with.

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Daniel, I completely agree that the mist was one of the more significant attractions of this scene, just forgot to mention it.

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