Caspian Tern Turning

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


I went to Lake Erie Metro Park this morning and was able to see lots of migrating hawks. However, lighting was not the best and most photos had a fair amount of noise. This Caspian tern was negotiating a tight turn as it was preparing to dive for a fish. Fairly tough conditions as everything was backlit. I did push the exposure up a lot, but images were still affected by noise.

Technical Details

Z9 600mm f4 (1/200 sec. at f8.0, ISO 1250) Crop for comp, Topaz DeNoise, Levels, additional work in Camera Raw for shadows and additional Noise Reduction…Jim


Hi Jim, nice catch of this tern in a banking pose. Love the spread wings and fanned tail. The high key with cloudy conditions looks good to me. Looks like you handled the noise issue quite well. I wish the eye was more visible but I also know that’s tough to get on these birds especially in lower light. Well done.

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Nice job, Jim. I like the angle of the bird and I’m not seeing significant noise even in the larger image.

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HI Jim
Some, day there will be a camera that can handle the dynamic range this photograph demands. The feather detail and frame are very nice. (no noise issues) Very cool shot.

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Nice banked, turning pose. I like the fanned tail and the contrast in the wings. Tough to get the eyes on these birds.

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As others have already mentioned, it’s tough to get the eye on these birds but this is really more about the banking underside of the wings and that fanned out tail. For that purpose, this is a good look at the underbelly with a very nice pose. With the flat light, you did great to get what you got.

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