Catch Me if You Can

Catch Me if You Can

I flew into Churchill, Manitoba, Canada then out to Dymond Lake to focus on photographing Arctic wildlife for a few weeks. While staying at the Polar Bear Lodge, near the shore of Hudson Bay, one becomes aware of frequently recurring events. This arctic fox cavorted daily in the snow under warm afternoon light, teasing the camp dogs to chase him. When they were exhausted he taunted them more. But they could not respond. Ultimately he left, only to return the following day, to renew his torment.

EF 70-200mm +2x @ 400mm; f5,6 @ 1/4000, -1 EV, ISO 400

Lovely light captured here without blowing out that white fur. The pose and little bits of snow flying off the tail are nice touches too, Bob.


Thanks Max. These guys are quick! That’s why I needed a high shutter speed which meant high ISO and allowed me to track him and freeze his motion but also capture the bits trailing off his tail. Contrary to popular advice, I did not “expose to the right.” Reducing the exposure by 1 EV guaranteed that I would have detail in the snow and his fur. Because of the shallow depth of field of the long lens used wide open, any noise in the dark areas would be out of focus and eliminating it would only soften the focus in those areas a bit more.

Beautiful light and great body language !

Thank you, Jagdeep. This animal’s daily routine was the most entertaining event, within the camp area, the few weeks we were there. A real performer.