Very large Big Leaf Maple trees live in the woods where I live. These trees are now beginning to bloom. With the soft light of this early morning, light rain and a soft breeze, the clusters of catkins stood out against the dark trunks and shadows of the woods.

EF 200-400mm +1.4x @ 784mm; f/8 @ 1/80 sec, ISO 800; Auto exposure; TV mode; Evaluative metering; Manual WB. Due to the wind and shallow depth of field of the telephoto lens I made a 5-image focus stack, one each for the individual clusters and the stems, to render the catkins and branches as sharp, yet render the background in soft focus (bokeh).


Fantastic! Excellent job with the stacking and resulting amazing details AND the soft background.

Well done to say the least.


Thank you, Lon. All made from the comfort of my living room, out through a window. I trust that revelation doesn’t devalue the image.

Great job, the sort of quiet little subject many photographers would overlook if the lighting was off, or just glance at as they walk through the woods rather than stop to compose a photograph with a long lens. The little lichens on the branches provide wonderful organic detail. The focus stacking obviously worked well.

Spectacular wildlife photos are a dime a dozen these days— macrophotography is the final frontier for creative outdoor picture taking. Keep up the good work.

Thank you, Kerry, for your kind remarks. I look for all subjects when I am in the field. We often become distracted by the “big picture” and fail to see what is within it,