Chalten , Rio de las Vueltas

Trekking to Mount Fitzroy in Patagonia, crossing this extraordinary slopes, we can observe the Rio de Las Vueltas in the valley , with different cloud formations. A stunning view.

Technical Details

Composite: No
This photo was taken with Nikon D 7000 , 17 mm , ( 10-24 mm. ) 1/200 sec, f 5. trípod.
Processed in Lightroom with the use of brushes.


Wonderful tonal range; nicely processed. Amazing what a DoF a 17 mm at f5 can provide!

Beautiful composition and I agree the processing is spot on. Perfect shutter speed for the river. I especially like the sky.

Welcome to NPN Jose, I hope you will enjoy this community. A wonderful first posting, looking forward to see more!

Thanks Mario , nice place to be. The River was very far away so shutter speed din´t matter to much.

Patagonia skys are very special , with worderful cloud formations.

The composition I think, could be improved by croping vertical , placing the River with 3/4 of the Frame.

There are always new ways to improve composition.

Thanks Ola, very happy to join this community with great photographers that we can learn from them, and at the same time try to

post some of my landscape work from the southern hemisphere.

Wonderful image, Jose. Would love to see color version also, but this one is very nice.

Jose Miguel, Bienvenidos! What a wonderful introduction to yourself, your territory, and your art! For me this image is ecstatically dizzying. From the foreground sharply defined rocks, my eye goes left into the gossamer estcuary. Then into the clouds – both quietly puffy and windblown streaky. Wonderful detail and choice of tonality throughout.

J. Mark,

The color version of Chalten, Rio de Las Vueltas.


Jose, thanks for posting this. While the B&W is stunning, in my view this version is even better. It produces good clouds and the subtle coloring adds a whole new dimension. Excellent.

Thanks J Mark,
In some ocations , black and white , expresses more sensations for its better luminocity and contrast than color. Is a matter of point of view. Glad you like it.
See you soon and take care.