Churchill Sunset #2

This is another perspective of the Sunset I posted the other day. difference is that instead of using the 24-105 at a reasonably wide angle I used my 500 f4 and pointed at the orange air deep in the scene. I slightly under exposed and made sure the white balance was set to daylight to produced the great colors you see. The wind and cold temperatures produced the blowing snow and trees which gives you a hint of the shooting conditions. Only post processing was a slight crop from the right and a bit of high pass sharpening.

Pertinent technical details or techniques to help others learn:

7D2 500 f4; Handheld; ISO 400; 1/6400 White Balance Daylight EV -2/3

If this is a composite please be honest with your techniques and share some details so others can learn:

Only cropped to level; standard Lightroom processing

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Very striking color Ed. I especially like the silhouetted trees and ground mist.

This is an inspired photograph, Ed. The blowing snow and bent trees give it a lot dynamism, and complement the strong colors to yield and almost otherworldly scene. I bet it will make an outstanding print!

Awesome!!! Would be stunning printed on metal.

Beautiful sunset Ed, to get a image like this with a handheld 500mm lens is an impressive feat. The one time I visited Churchill for polar bears, it was grey and overcast almost every day, you were very fortunate to get light like this.

Thanks for the kind comments everyone. Yes it was a challenge to handhold the 500 in the wind. However, look at the shutter speed. 1/6400. Couldn’t have done this without speed in at least the neighborhood of this. I made several images but chose this on as it was the sharpest.