Cinnamon Flycatcher

While visiting the Bellavista Cloud Forest Reserve we came across a few Cinnamon Flycatchers hawking insects near the lodge. While perched on this snag a ray of sunlight rained down on the bird as it took a pause from its feeding activity and began to groom.

I desaturated and darkened the background in post for dramatic effect.

Bellavista Cloud Forest Reserve, Mindo, Ecuador

Nikon D500
Nikkor 500mm F/4

1/3200s @ f/6.3
ISO 1600
-2 EV

Comments and critiques welcomed as always

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This is gorgeous, Charles. I can’t think of a think you can do to improve it. I wish (and I am sure you do too), that the light had splashed onto the end of his tail, but you had no control of that. Great detail in the plumage.

The dark BG makes the Flycatcher stand out amazingly. Love the overall atmosphere. Did you work on the end of the branch? It’s looks a little odd, but probably that’s just what it was :wink: . Nice work Charles ! Cheers, Hans

Hi Hans, and thanks for your comments. On closer inspection of the original file the end of the branch had a small shoot that extended to the lower left of the frame that I removed in post.

The “spotlight” on the bird is nice. The black background seems to work here. I too noticed the odd tip of the branch.

When you post you don’t need to delete the lines in the dialog box beginning with ###. Those lines will show in the post as headers that are helpful, including the one about the specific feedback that you’re looking for.

Here is the bird one frame earlier-so can see the small twig in the lower left

that I removed from the file posted above.

I like this, Charles. The dark background puts all of the emphasis on the flycatchter. The diagonal lines of the bird and perch work great. I do wish the tail would have been lit completely. Very nice image!!!

Very nicely processed, Charles. The spotlight and darkened background make the flycatcher stand out very well. I too noticed the odd looking branch in the larger version. It may be worth to keep the cloned out part in the image or remove the broken part of it below the bird altogether.

Excellent job with color, detail, and composition. I think I prefer the second posted image to the first from the standpoint of orientation. The bird really pops well on the dark background which improves the overall contrast.

Beautiful, Charles. The black background certainly works well for this image. I think with the vertical crop, the tiny twig would exit the frame, so I’m in favor of cloning it out as you did. You might consider cloning out or moving some bark over the bright spot at the end of the main twig-I think that would eliminate the odd look to it.

Beautiful image Chuck, the lighting is great and the bird is so well set off by the dark background. I much prefer the head angle and comp of your first shot to the second one.