Close Encounters

This is one of my favorite images from 2021. I recall the ice on this frozen lake was visible. Then a winter storm blew in and covered the ice with a nice layer of snow. When I was driving into my local state park, I immediately noticed the long shadows cast from the barren trees from the early morning sun. I was filled with excitement as this represented a new element to explore and photograph. Intentional Camera Movement helped me emphasize the light and shadows and give the image a sort of eerie quality.

Technical Details

The upper portion of the image was further enhanced in Photoshop to clean up the motion of the trees in the distance.


Stunning photo, Alfredo. Gorgeous soft feel and movement. I love the angle of shadows and also how you’ve left some definition in the trees. Absolutely beautiful, I can certainly see why it is a favorite of yours.

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Thanks so much Linda!

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The trees feel alive. This is lovely.

This definitely made me “eerie”…“something wicked this way comes”! I wouldn’t want to go in that forest!
Beautifully developed scene, with perfect blurring of the trees. That you were able to catch these shadows with the ICM going on is impressive to me. The shadows look pretty distinct, and not blurred as are the trees. Great shot!

Great shot Alfredo! It all just flows together so well.

Thank you @Bonnie_Lampley @Mark_Muller and @Cameron_Wilcox for your wonderful comments.

Mark, I too was a bit surprised the shadows retained their definition and shape given the motion I used in the field.



This, and results like this are what motivates me to experiment with ICM. The possibilities are endless and the results can be stunning, like this!

Great kudos!

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Thanks so much Lon! Super happy to hear it. Yep ICM opens up so many creative possibilities.

I’m diggin’ this @Alfredo_Mora ^^^ Yes =0)

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Huge thank you Gary! So awesome to hear that.

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I’ll admit that I am not a huge fan of ICM images, especially of trees since they all tend to look very much the same, but this one is special! I love the added interest and depth from the long diagonal lines from the light and shadow here. Feels like an impressionist painting of trees (which I love).

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Thank you! This means a lot to me Eric. I did take standard shots of this scene but they felt flat compared to the ICM versions. I do admit ICM images especially of trees can become repetitive. I always try to look for additional elements to help compliment the motion.