Clouds & Snow on the Never Summer Mtns

This view of the Never Summer Mountains was taken on June 16. With the snow and clouds, b&2w seemed the appropriate treatment. I processed for moderately high contrast, but wanted to maintain the luminosity difference between the near ridges and the far mountains.

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

Mark: I really envy your opportunity. On our trip Trail Ridge Road was still closed. Beautiful scene and a fine conversion. :+1::+1:>=))>

I like this image a lot Mark, i guess those mountains are well named !!!

The light and snow conditions here are really nice, and perfect for B&W treatment. I especially like how you processed the light hitting that mountain on the far right. And the way you composed the foreground just pulls the viewers eye into that gorgeous light. Very nice B&W work here Mark.


Pretty much defines the term, monochromatic eh? :wink: I think you did well with the processing in general, but I’m wondering about a different treatment for the sky/clouds. What started me down that road is the neutral gray clouds occupying the upper left half. It seems it’s quite possible these could be or were much darker, stormier? (that’s not open sky right?) I think the rest of the clouds are done well I think given conditions, so I guess it’s just the flat gray in the UL where there is no contrast helping the b&w cause.