In the Fortification Range Wilderness of Spring Valley, Nevada, below Fortification Range, a log cabin succumbs to the elements—it’s roof collapsed and logs of the walls displaced from their orderly stacks.

Technical Details

Composite: No
EF 28-70mm @ 70mm; f/16 @ 1/50 sec, +0.33 EV, ISO 100; processed to emulate monochrome capture with a High Contrast Red filter

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Another fine image, Bob. Thanks for the backstory too.

Thank you, David. Although this area looks inhospitable a variety of vegetation grows in the Fortification Range Wilderness, including ponderosa pine, pinyon pine, juniper, aspen and cottonwood trees in the northern portion of the Wilderness. The southern portion is densely forested with pinyon and juniper. Common wildlife found the Wilderness includes mule deer, pronghorn, mountain lion, and various raptors. A hardy and experienced individual could sustain himself.

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