Color explosion at sunset, high desert

We were wandering along the Utah/Colorado border after crossing the La Sal Mountains and came upon this little oasis where the receding sun created this explosion of color.

Specific Feedback Requested

I love the intense and varied colors, and the different layers and textures. I am not sure the photo works because it is so chaotic. I guess if I had to play at art school psycho babble I would say I was trying to capture the beauty of chaos. Does this work as a photo for you? And, as usual, any and all suggestions would be appreciated.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon 5D IV, EF 70-200 II lens shot at 113mm, ISO100, f/16, 0.3 sec

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I am enjoying this one, Tony. I would consider burning down the brighter sage along the top edge and maybe experiment with a bit of a right edge vignette on the brighter brush to keep attention in the frame. Love the variety of light and color. The art school babble sounds a little down to earth for art school babble. :smiley:

Tony, this is a very cool image. I love the subtle play of light and color. Well seen.

An unusual scene with intriguing light and a very pleasing mix of color layers. I’m so tempted to offer a few lines of what I call “artspeak” but you’ll be relieved that I have neither the time nor the stomach for it – I’ll just enjoy a lovely image!

Thanks for the comments @Harley_Goldman , @David_Bostock , and @Diane_Miller . I appreciated the feedback.