Colored Ice Stick Insect

I found this insect like bit of ice when I was chasing Birefringence last week. To me it looks like a mechanical hopper with the colors in the ice adding to the sense that it’s a constructed “thing”. The brown ice is much thinner, so there’s little or no birefringence seen in it. (7D3, 100-400 @ 330, 1/30 s, f/14, iso 800, tripod and polarizer)


Wow, this totally looks like an insect. Looks great and extremely unusual.

Mark, this is really a neat find and a fine capture. It does look like a stick insect, legs and all. The brown portion makes the “insect” stand out nicely. What a great find. I sure am enjoying your ice images.

This is really impressive! You really have a knack for finding these things. It really does look like a praying mantis.

Looks like a praying mantis to me, Mark. The brown ice makes the bug stand out very well. amazing capture and very nicely done.

Great find Mark, these insects are always surprising me with how well they bend in. Great photo