Common Carder Bee (I think)

In the garden today trying to get photos of bees, really difficult for me as I’m pretty new to closeup and they are quite quick.
Happy for any advice or tips

What technical feedback would you like if any?

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

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Neil, this is a nice close look at this bee. I am not sure if it is a Common Carder Bee, maybe someone else can help ID it. The bee is razor sharp, almost too sharp. It would help to know some of your set up, lens, settings, and even post processing (did you use a sharping software, etc.), for folks to be able to better provide advice. Bees are fast, and it is a real challenge to get details throughout the bee, and you certainly accomplished that. The color palette is a treat too.

Hi Shirley Thanks for the comments. I did think after I posted that I should perhaps have given a gear list so here it is
Olympus EM1 Mk 2 300mm f4 lens handheld at 1/1000 sec processed in Photolab 3 sharpened in Nik Output Sharpener 3

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Lovely photo of a bee. I really like the color contrast between the soft honey colors of the bee and the nice blues and greens of the vegetation. Bee is nice and sharp and very well focused.
The best tip I can suggest is to keep photographing and keep posting for comments. And don’t forget to comment on other’s photos. You learn both ways.

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Neil: Really good shot of this guy. Your DOF and plane of focus work really well for me with the bee and perch sharp and the rest pleasingly OOF. You’ve set a high standard for yourself. Keep 'em coming! >=))>

Thanks for that appreciate the comments, just joined but this seems a great site with insightful critiques

The details in the bee are outstanding, Neil. The surrounding mix of blues and greens look great and help the bee to stand out. Very nice.

Thanks to the bee for selecting a pleasant background. Long lens gives nice blur