Common driveway critters mid May 2022

My driveway, 9 am mid May 2022. Taken over a 15 minute period in nice light and few shadows.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any. Still testing new 200-600 lens for sharpness and other issues.

Technical Details

iso 500 to 1000, 200-600 at 600, f7.1, 2000th

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A nice group of driveway critters, David. We’ve had a pair of Killdeer hanging out near the driveway the last couple of days. Usually they nest at the neighbor across the street because she has more rocks, but they might find a place on our side. I don’t notice any problems with the image quality. You will find that the background isn’t as smooth as you’re used to, but you can fix that in post pretty easily if you feel the need.

A very nice few minutes!!! They look awesome to me. Very nice captures and every hair on the bunny is tack sharp!