I had planned on capturing the crescent moon during every month last year. I got skunked by the weather for 5 months but I managed to make at least one photograph in each of the remaining 7 months. The last one of the year turned out to be my favorite. Towards the end of my year end vacation I drove from Capitol Reef to Zion National Park. The 2% moon the next day was not possible due to completely overcast conditions. I pushed myself to stay an additional day since there was conjunction of Moon and Venus the next day. Although I had set up my camera and tripod an hour before the event I had to move my camera and tripod at the last minute to get the position of Moon and Venus just right and had to focus one more time in low light and thought I had messed up on the focus on this one. Luckily it turned out just the way I had envisioned.

Single exposure at ƒ/5.3, 2.5s, ISO 1250, 155mm


Awesome, Prajit. It’s really interesting to see that Venus is also not completely illuminated in this picture. All elements in the image work together really well!

Thanks Adhika! Love your work!

Prajit, your patience and perseverance paid off very well! I really like the form of the foreground and wispy clouds add a bit of mystery! Congratulations!

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Well planned and executed. Very nice B&W tonality.