Contrasts - a dying tree, supporting new life

My first post on here and I thought I’d open with an image that I’m confused by the reactions to. This is one that absolutely gets ignored on social media, that has made barely a ripple with friends but is one of which I see a depth in that I don’t have in other images. In print is looks 3D! The tree “spoke” to me and I stared at it for ages before taking the image. I love the colour contrast AND the texture contrast, so popular opinion be damned. I’m posting this because I myself like it, and I get the feeling that THAT is what this site is about!


Welcome to NPN, Andy!
The structure of the old tree is fascinating to me. I also appreciate the juxtaposition of the diverse colors and elements. Certainly the image should be seen as a large print, web presentation cannot do it justice in my opinion. Thanks for sharing!


Thanks Peter. The old tree is covered in “Old mans beard” lichen. In its death it provides the framework for life, I found it beautiful.