Conversing with a Waterfall

"Blue Dream"



“Falling Light”

A handful of images I made in a single outing to a very popular and iconic waterfall in Oregon last year. Just by following the light and isolating smaller sections you can find many different scenes within a single scene. You can read more about this experience and the thought process behind each image here:

Technical Details

All single exposures. Various shutter speeds. No polarizer.


Hi Eric, I recognize this fall. Nice set of images. I like “Rise” and “Falling Light” best. Thanks so much for sharing.

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Eric, the series is fantastic! So much to see in each image, but never too much. Really nice work.

Hi Eric! Very nice. I really like the view through the trees, it’s unique compared to most waterfall images.

Hey Eric,
I gotta say Blue Dream caught my attention as I was scrolling through. I don’t often see comps like this and because of that it really caught my attention. Love the contrasting colors between the water and the tree trunks.

Well seen and shot!

Very unique image, Eric! The other three of just the water are really nice too but not as unique as that first one. I’m really enjoying the dark background with the falls and the soft highlights on the tree branches. Well done.

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This trailhead is just up the road from where I live. I love spending time there. You represent it perfectly.

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“Blue Dream” and “Cascade” are absolutely wonderful, Eric.

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Thanks a lot, Cody! Glad you enjoy them.

@Gary_Randall I figured as much! Happy to hear you think that, Gary! Would love to visit again sometime.

@David_Haynes That one is also my favorite of the set, because it is so different from everything else I’ve seen from this spot. Glad to hear you enjoyed it as well!

@John_Pedersen I appreciate the kind comment, John! Great to see you enjoy that one as I do.

@Cameron_Wilcox Thanks, Cameron! So happy you feel that way.

@matthew7 very kind of you to say, Matthew!

@David_Bostock Thanks for letting me know which ones you like most, David! Cheers!

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Blue Dream is just brilliant. The calm solidity of the trunks against the flow has a nice interplay, then the grace notes of sunlight on green foliage completes the scene. WOW. If it were mine, it would go in the “best of career” folder. Thanks for showing us a truly exceptional image.

Such a great vignette of this waterfall without delving into overused compositions. Lovely work as always Eric