This has to be one of my favourite images from the 2017/18 winter. We had just received a massive dump of snow that was followed by days and days of freezing temperatures and flat grey skies.

I took this image on way to photograph in the mountains but had taken a different route to explore a bit. I came across this copse of trees with an interesting line leading up to them. From what I could tell was that on the south side (rhs of the image) there had been a slight melt and the grasses were prodding through the snow.

This image was shot in standard 4x3 format with the intention to crop to 16x9 or less. This was due to only having a 200mm lens. Any closer and I would have lost the perspective and ricked being chased by an angry farmer if I went onto his land.

Sony A7ii | Canon 70-200m f4L
168mm | f/8 | 1/125s | ISO100 | +0.3ev
Balanced on a fence post

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Perfect subject and composition for a panoramic. That fence adds a perfect little touch to the scene. I also like how there is more snow on the left than the right, it creates some nice contrast in this image. Nicely done @Eugene_Theron

Thanks very much Ed! I’m glad you noticed the fence. Many don’t, but i thought it created the lower of three arcs in the images. The fence, the top of the hill and the top of the trees.

Fabulous photo. Great light, and well composed. Good job. One small nit, and it is my own personal neurotic obsession in photos: the sky seems darker than the snow on the left. With water shots, this isn’t normally possible and represents a post processing effect. It’s a common phenomena and certainly adds punch to photos. I’m not sure about snow reflections, so I would love to know if in the original the sky is darker than the snow.

This is genius composing and processing. Great work.

Hi Tony! Apologies for the late reply. Time zones are a pain :rofl: hanks Thanks for the comments re the light and comp. Much appreciated.

I’m going to be honest and say that I’m not sure that I’m following here. I have actually done very little to process this image rather than a few slider/curve/adjustments. Oh, and a conversion to B&W. In the RAW image, which is very flat, there is a negligible difference in the luminosity values between the sky and the snow. Same with the final processed version. In both of them I guess you can say it is ever so slightly darker. I did get the picker and read the numerical values and there was very little difference.

I know in water reflections the reflection is quite often processed to be as bright as the main subject. Is this what you are referring to?

Thanks @Richard_Wong. Really appreciate it :smiley:

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Yes, just curiosity about snow verses water and how their brightness relates to the sky.

Again, your photo was fabulous!

This makes for a lovely panorama, Eugene. I like the way the fence, the top of the hill and the top of the treeline all mimic the shape of each other. I also like the way that some of the landscape is snow covered and the remaining not so much. Great job on this.

Cheers Ed! I’m glad you like all the same elements I do :smiley: Thanks for leaving a comment

I certainly think that we have to be careful when processing reflections, and any image for that matter, that we keep it within the bounds of what is possible. Luckily there were no reflections here so didn’t have to think to hard about it.

Thanks again for commenting and also glad that you enjoyed the shot

A very fine example of photographic artwork. This is gorgeous. I love the curve of the tree tops, the small hillock and the fence. A cleverly designed composition that has done justice to this amazing scene.

Thanks for your kind words @Anil_Rao . Pleased you like it!!!

This is winter !! Not only in composition. Also those cold sheep and thin snow layer . A real winter feeling. Well made Eugene.

This looks like a pen and ink drawing. I like all of the horizontal lines in the image.

@Ben_van_der_Sande Thank you kindly! It’s really great to get some feedback on the feeling the image give. I cam further confirm it really felt like winter too when I was taking it :rofl:

@Richard_Teller Cheers for the comment!! A few of my friends who have seen the print of this said the same thing about how it looks like a drawing. I have another shot on my site of a boathouse and tree that was shot in thick fog that has a similar effect to it. Maybe it’s my new ‘style’. Glad you enjoyed the picture