Costa's Sentinel

I got a call from a pal while ago saying that she’s seeing a male Costa’s Hummingbird at her feeder so I grabbed my camera and hotfooted it over there hoping for some shots. I did not manage to get any inflight at the feeder shots of it but I did get a chance to get it nearby perched on some yard art standing guard of the feeder. I’ve never seen one, and they haven’t either. I read that they are more of a desert bird, not likely in the mountains, where I live. I think I scored.

Technical Details

Composite: No
This is a little noisy as the light was not great. D500, Nikon 200-500 lens, Nikon 1.4 TC, gimbal head, monopod, cropped to 2116 x 2478, AI Clear.

Gorgeous hummingbird, Dave. I too have never seen one of these. Beautiful headdress on this little fellow. Truly nice capture and thanks for sharing it.