Cougar from Wildlife Rehab Center
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Wonderful Sandy! I’m inspired by everything but the red nose. Dunno what to suggest as an alternative, but in all my encounters with cougars around the county I wasn’t aware of any pink or red. Might have been there, but even at fairly close viewing distances it was so subtle I missed it. My stronger impression is black or perhaps “tawny” at their lightest.

We have them on our place in the Rockies and I’ve seen them several times a year for over 20 years, so that’s not based on a single encounter.

A very cool interpretation, Sandy. I think I agree with hank on the nose. I’ve not been lucky enough to see one in the wild, but it just doesn’t feel appropriate in the image.

By the way, I’m moving this to the Human and Fauna Gallery, since the original image was taken at a rehab facility. The posting rules for the Wildlife gallery and critique forum don’t allow them for some reason. Here’s the quote: " Photos taken at zoos, wildlife rehabilitation centers, game parks, and reserves, as well as feral animals may be posted in the Human & Fauna Gallery."

You might want to change the redirect in the entry in the wildlife critique forum.

Ah, right, sorry.

No Problem. That’s what we’re for.

Hank - take a look at these images from the web. Several pink-ish noses here.
I was very close to this fellow - and others in the wild - and some definitely have pink noses. Sandy

Makes perfect sense Sandy, reflecting our different encounters. Even the ones I’ve seen had a range of colors. Sad to report, I’m yet to photograph one in spite of multiple meetings. They appear out of nowhere while we’re doing things other than photography.

Most notable was the one that appeared 20’ away from the brush by our cabin… As I was holding the ladder for my wife while she was painting the eaves. She looked down at me to say something, looked past me and started to sputter and point. It stood there for a second swishing its tail, then reversed course and disappeared. Egads!