Country Lights

Early morning when the sun was just coming up and making bokeh through the trees.

Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Nikon D3400, ISO 1600, f/6.3, 1/1000, 300mm , cropped in half, adjustments to saturation and vibrance, added a filter to bring out yellow, framed . … settings were for darkness in trees and birds, but saw this and had to capture it.


Really like this Vanessa. There’s just enough detail to keep my eye wandering around the scene. It has a nice curiosity factor to it. Nice!

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Thanks @David_Bostock for looking and your nice comments! I’m glad you think it’s interesting!

Beautiful. The perfect amount of unfocused light and color.

You have taken an accidental moment and turned it into lovely abstract.


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Thanks @paul_g_wiegman … glad you like it! Is bokeh accidental, though? I can clearly see it happening, with the right light or water combinations… I guess what I’m saying is I meant to take a picture of that, I saw it with my eyes and focused it in my camera.

Sorry for the misunderstanding. I wasn’t referring to the boken as accidental, but coming across the scene and recognizing the opportunity. Then applying the most appropriate technique. Again sorry.


No problem @paul_g_wiegman I think I just wanted validation that bokeh is something that really happens in nature! You see it too, right?! I just discovered that there’s pp options to add bokeh to an image! Which is really weird to me, when it’s something that’s all around us! But then I thought maybe not, maybe I’m imagining it and it is just an accidental happening! I just wanted to know that I’m not crazy! :grin:

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Yes, it does happen in nature. You are one of the fortunate individuals to see it when it happens. Many people never stop and look, really look at the world they are passing through.

I’m not sure this phenomenon is bokhen, but it’s related. During the total solar eclipse a couple years we went to Kentucky to get in the midpoint. As the sun was being covered, especially when it was a slimming crescent, in the shadows of small trees were projections of the cresent. Thousands of them. Very cool.

I’m not so sure that software to add boken, or lens flares, star bursts around pin points of light, and other photographic elements are a good thing. Think about your image. Would you rather have made it what it is sitting in front of a camera, or out in the woods to see the real thing. You’re not crazy.

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We can’t see bokeh in a scene, except through the viewfinder It is a property of the lens, and varies with the quality of the lens. The term has come to be confused with DOF or pleasingly shallow focus (for which we could use a simple adjective), but here I think you might actually mean bokeh – the quality of the OOF points of light. Ideally they are completely round, but you have a nice scene here that is pleasingly close to ideal.

The sun was making highlights through the trees. Your lens rendered them with pleasing bokeh.

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Vanessa, this is an excellent blast of light. It speaks well to the joy of a sunny day. The color shift into greens and blues at the bottom adds a nice balance to the viewing. I would play with toning down the brightest bit of yellow near to the right of center, but an not sure that would be an improvement because the brightness changes help lead the eyes around the picture.

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Thanks so much @Mark_Seaver , I tried different things with the colors and tried something more subdued, but it kind of made it look too soft and kind of blah…but I’ll have to go back and see if I can do a local adjustment. Thanks!