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I’m looking for a way to quickly move through and critique NPN images, but I’m finding it a bit cumbersome to move on to the next image after replying to one. I have to go back to the “Landscape Critiques” forum and select another image, hit reply, post my reply, and keep repeating this. Is there a link where I can just go to the next image in the “Landscape Critiques” forum without having to return to the forum itself? I really get frustrated most when I don’t want to leave a critique but still need to circle back to the main forum to select a new image.

Also, if I’m looking at an image in “Landscape Critiques” gallery, why do I need to click “Reply” first to type my thoughts? I purposely come to a “Critiques” forum to critique images. So could the reply box just be open and waiting (inviting) me to type something?

I might be missing something. I like leaving comments but I want to make it as efficient as possible so I can get through more images in the time I have to spend here.

Tony. I’m sure there are others with better answers, bu I start out on the Communit page and click on New in the critique forum I want to go to. After I finish a critique the rest of the new ones are right there. I start on the bottom one, but I don’t know if that ,akes any difference.

Hey Tony, this is the way the software works and as much as I would like to add a ‘Next Topic’ button, there are too many complexities to achieve this. But I’ve done some research and found some options.

If you like using keyboard shortcuts you will love this:

Go to Image Critiques, click on the ‘New’ button (or here is a direct link to new topics in the critiques category which you could bookmark). Now hit the j key which selects the first new topic, then hit the enter key to open that topic. To reply to the topic hit shift + r , type your response and hit ctrl+enter to add the reply. Now hit u to go back to the New page again and repeat the process;
j, enter, shift + r, type response, ctrl+enter, u

I think once you get this into muscle memory it will be quite fast and easy. This also works even if you’re just in the critiques category, you don’t have to be in New.

The other option is to use ‘Suggested Topics’ which is at the bottom of every topic. This shows you a mix of topics you’re following because you’ve replied, along with new posts from that category. Not as good of an option in my opinion, but you might give it a shot.

Hopefully this helps and I will add this in the site tips section.

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Another idea - what I do is open up a category or go to latest, and then either ctrl+click (for windows), cmd+click (for mac), or middle click (if you have a mouse with a scroll wheel) each topic that looks interesting to me. This will open each one in a new browser tab and I just go through each tab.


That might be easiest, Brent. I do that all the time.

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