Cruel Fate

Sony A77II
Minolta 100mm macro
ISO 200, 1/4 @ f16
I had the chance to visit our son and his family in Scottsdale over the holiday and found this poor leaf impaled on one of their cacti. I got a number of angles and lighting combinations but felt that this early morning shot was the best. I also took a few with the Illustration mode and thought that turned out well too. All comments welcome. >=))>

And the Illustration Mode

Bill, I’m thoroughly enjoying the story that this view tells. Well seen. While the textures that illustration mode create are interesting, in this case, I like the original best although you might burn in the brighter spines in the bottom 1/4 to let the leaf stand out a bit more.

What in interesting photo. Great story. I like the color contrast and the juxtaposition of the graphic elements.

Well seen and captured, Bill. I think I like the illustrative one the best because it makes the needles more prominent. Both are good.

I like them both Bill. The idea of the leaf trapped in the nettles of the cacti is an intriguing story. I tend to favor the illustrated version, at least for me, it emphasize the textures, colors and simplifies the composition. Nicely seen and captured.

They look great, both of them. Very unusual Bill