Curly Dahlia

D850, lensbaby, ISO 100, 1/100 second, f stop unknown but probably f4, handheld.

A new dahlia in my very smokey garden. Making use of the soft light.

Regards to all


This is gorgeous! There is just enough detail in the whites to hold the viewer’s attention. The center of the flower is so sharp and the distortion of the lens enables the outer petals to fill the frame so nicely. That would be very difficult to do in post processing. Which Lensbaby is this?

Hi Diane. It’s the Lensbaby Sweet 50 with a tc on. Virtually nothing was done in post here other than your normal corrections. No monkeying around in Topaz, which I like to do with some photos. I’ve been pretty happy with that lens, although it is frustrating due to the lack of auto focus or any ability to confirm focus.