Curves #1

After I took this picture, I started to get interested in photographing natural curves. Curves are formed on matter through time. This happens either fast, either slowly, but dimension time is their common factor. The picture shows a small part of a popular beach called Voidokilia, located in south Peloponnese, Greece. Two years after, I have a series of similar photos depicting natural curves. Other are made with a normal camera, others with a drone like this one.

Specific Feedback Requested

I often use a color filter in Lr which lifts the shadows , and then, starting with a soft image I add contrast in the midrange tones. I do this to achieve a quite soft look, however it doesn’t match nicely with all my pictures from this series. I would like to get feedback on editing, colors and feel, it would help me to decide which path to follow. My intention is to create a series of abstract images which look more like a painting when printed. Thanks everyone!

Technical Details

A terrific image, Andreas. I love the soft warm tones. I think the comp is excellent as well.

You asked about contrast and colors, but I think we’d have to see what your other images in the series look like. I will say this could easily look like a painting when printed. Well done.

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This is a beautiful image, Andreas. I love the colors which I do find to be inviting. The composition looks good with maybe one small exception. In the bottom of the image just above the edge of the frame about 1/3 of the way in from the left there is a horizontal black line that disrupts the flowing lines that are going vertical. I would either clone that out or crop the image just enough to remove that. As to your question of achieving a soft look to your image I actually find this quite sharp and full of contrast when zoomed in. I don’t see any softness when talking about texture but I find the colors to be soft, friendly and inviting.

Thanks, David, I really appreciate your comment!