I was fortunate to find these guys when it was still cold enough so they weren’t moving much. The Olympus T6 is a point and shoot with a lot of interesting features, one of which is a close-up mode and I was probably only a couple of inches away. I liked the grass stalk it was on.

Specific Feedback Requested: Any

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

Olympus T6; 1/400, f 4.9, -1 3/100 EV, ISO 160, 18mm(100 mm equivalent)-all settings chosen by the camera.


Allen, this is a fine look at what I think is a Damselfly. Nice details and colors. He had to be cold for you to get only inches from him. They are usually pretty skittish. Looks like your camera chose some good settings.

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That’s a pretty good point-and-shoot, Allen. Really good detail.

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Thanks for the comments, @Shirley_Freeman and @terryb . Thanks, Shirley for the ID. Terry, the camera is pretty amazing for the size and price. They say it’s waterproof to 50 feet. It also has features found in the high end Olympus micro 4/3 cameras such as Pro Capture and Live Composite.


Allen, as said, great detail. You might have a go at lightening some of the dark bits in the BG - including cropping out some of the top - but, considering the camera, you’ve done a fine job! I love the colour contrast of green and the stalk.

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Allen, this is a great catch on this Damselfly! It’s blues stand out nicely against the greens and reds of its perch and surroundings.

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Allen: Terrific capture with wonderful colors. I have an Olympus P&S that I bought several years ago because it shot RAW and was waterproof. I don’t use it a lot but it is a very competent camera and fun to use. Top notch shot. :+1: :+1:>=))>

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