Dancing Shadows, Along the Oregon Coast

Patience is a large part of photography. That, in part, constitutes the difference between a snapshooter and a photographer. For this image, created on the Oregon Coast, I waited and waited, dancing back and forth to keep the shadow in my frame, but I did not click the shutter until the grasses were in the right position for me when the shadows also “behaved.” This was just a one-click image.


Great use and recognition of the shadows Margo. Indeed patience is so important and a marker for good and successful photographs. Excellent work.


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Margo, this is wonderful! And yes, patience served you well. The strong diagonal comp and light is really superb. I love how you filled the frame with the essentials. Classic case of “less is more” and you really nailed it here. Thanks for sharing.

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Thank you so much, Lon!

What a wonderful comment, Bill. Thank you!