Dark Days

I enjoy processing certain photos in black and white. Perhaps it’s due to fond memories of my photography beginnings processing Tri-X in a dark room. I’ll admit though that I never was able to achieve results like I’m able today using my DSLR.

This photo was made on a sunny day at Mount Hood. I had arrived after a rain and a subsequent fresh covering of snow. The rain created these amazing lines and I knew that I needed to photograph them. I did my initial B/W conversion in Lightroom and finished the photo in Photoshop.


Those lines sure are sweet Gary! I love how they sweep through the photo, and how the brightly lit peak in the background draws the eye. Very well crafted image.

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Very dramatic, and I love the lines in the snow.

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There’s some wonderful texture in both the shady and sunny areas. The black sky does make the image dramatic.

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Hello Igor! Thank you my friend. I appreciate your kind comment. :slight_smile: