Dark Heron

I generally ignore GBH as they are so common where I live but I took this the other day on
the Deschutes river when it flew against a heavily shaded BG and I took it from there.

Specific Feedback Requested

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
D500, 700mm (500pf w 1.4), f8, 1/2500, iso800
PP in Capture one.

I like this, Dan. Quite dramatic. I’m sure they’re not, but with the high contrast the whites around the face look blown-you might want to tone them down a trifle.

They look very streamlined when seen this way. The black bg really shows off all the various colors of the heron. A unique look. Well done.

Wow, great capture! The black BG with the light on the GBH is fantastic! I don’t really have any quibbles with this image, well done!!!

Hi Dan
Luck you, Big Blue are about one in fifteen in Ct. Vary good detail, color and pop. What was the background? I have had it go white but most never black. Nice work.

Thanks for comments , Peter, the BG was dark shade of a bridge pier, it was very easy to turn it all black.

Beautiful, dramatic shot. I really like it. Great capture.
I have photographed herons in the very early morning, when they catch the light before anything else. I generally try to leave some visible background, to give a sense of their setting.
It might interest you: www.intrinsic8.com/chiaroscuro

I love this shot Dan! The details and lighting against the dark background are very dramatic and beautiful IMHO. I would love to get a shot like this.