Daybreak (Colorado Fall )

Another image I took this past fall, this one from my 200 ft tripod. It was quite the glorious morning made even more spectacular by the intense sun ray illuminating the distance mountain side. Taken by my Mavic Pro 2, I was pleasantly surprised the camera handled the dynamic range.


This is really nice Ken, your “200 foot tripod” is serving you well. I love the light on the mountainside to the right, it is really sweet. The dynamic range of your drone’s camera plus your processing has gotten the most possible out of this scene. Very nicely done.

Thanks, Ed. I have been pleasantly surprised the camera has been able to capture more extreme dynamic range.

Very nice, Ken. Love the perspective here. Some nice dawn light and color in the trees too. Nicely done.

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Thanks, Satie. Yea, this particular perspective clearly a function of being able to get a camera up to 200ft !